Large Traditional Free Standing Wooden Birdhouse Feeder 1.65m

Stand These Bird Tables Anywhere In Your Garden and watch the birds feed from the comfort of your own home without disturbing them.

Have Hours Of Pleasure Watching Your Garden Birds With This Wooden Bird Feeder. Traditional Style Garden Bird Feeders.

Let’s our garden friends shelter perch and feed in relative safety and comfort with this bird feeder.

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You will be able to stand this bird table as close to your home as possible so you can have a crystal clear view of our feathery garden friends.

Made from Treated Wood these bird tables are easy to fill and clean. A great traditional garden ornamental feature.

Item Specifications

Dimensions: 165cm x 50cm x 50cm

Total size of bird house: 27cm x 29cm x 27cm

Total base size: 38cm x 50cm x 50cm

Size of gaps for birds: 15cm x 6cm

Length between base and birdhouse: 92cm

Material: Wood


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