Wall Mounted Cast Iron Bird Feeder

Add a rustic charm to your outdoor space with this Rustic Bird Feeder.
Mounted near your front door or hanging proudly in your back garden, it is sure to bring a vintage vibe to your outdoor space.
This feeding station will attract all your furry winged friends but your neighbours also, making your outdoor space a warm environment- even when its chilly outside.
This rustic hanging bird bath will not let your friends have a feeding frenzy, but also a bath if you decide to fill this with water.
Made from Cast Iron, this bird feeder will last for many years to come and is weatherproof & waterproof, giving you a lifetime of happiness and warm welcomes!
You can even use this as a bird bath instead if you feel its too hot outside for your flying visitors!
A perfect gift for a bird & garden lover!
Dimensions: 18.5cm x 17.5cm x 10.5cm approx.

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