Green Wooden Expanding Trellis (180 x 60 cm)

Garden Trellis
Separate your garden with style using these screens! Decorative and natural, these trellis’s have long lasting properties to help withstand all weather conditions, so you can enjoy these green screeners for many seasons to come.
Create a cosy and private area within your outdoor space with this attractive green wooden garden trellis. These would make a great addition to your outdoor space, small or large, they are the perfect way to create privacy or any display of your choosing.
Use Anywhere
Don’t just use these for the outdoors, decorate the trellis & use as a table plan for a wedding, decorated with LED peg lights & artificial flowers – the list is endless on what you can do with these.
Easy Install
These are ideal for separating different areas of gardens, such as flower beds away from lawns or vegetable patches etc. Place these in Plant boxes or against the wall & let your climbing plants grow with the support of these trellis’s.
Material: wood.
Colour: green.
Dimensions: 180cm x 60cm.

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