6pc All Purpose Screw Extractor Remover Set

Remove damaged or damaged screws. Striped screw extractor can even remove the most stubborn peeling, damage, embedded, rusted and painted screws and bolts.

This tool is placed in the toolbox to remove the damaged screws and return your work to normal. The screw extractors come in a plastic hard box for safe storage.


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The extractor drill bit can remove all common size damage, peeling or damaged screws and bolts. The most frequently used screw extractor bit is #2, so we've included two of these to ensure you can utilise these time and again. With this bumper 6 piece screw extraction set, you won't find a screw or bolt that can't be extracted. It's literally easy as 1-2-3 to remove damaged screws.

The durable high speed steel is very strong and increases the hardness of each bit to help them penetrate hard metal, maintain good sharpness and prevent rust and corrosion. Engineered from hardened carbon steel means these will last a lifetime and are suitable for both home and professional use.

How to use the screw extractors: Locate a threaded or damaged screw head, With the drill in reverse drive, use side 1 to create a smooth cavity, With the drill in reverse drive, insert side 2 and begin to extract. We recommend wearing hand and eye protection when using this product.

Item Specifications

Specifications – 6 piece set. 0: 2.4mm / 2.0mm min. 1: 2.8mm / 2.5mm min. 2: 3.4mm / 3.2mm min (x2). 3: 4.0mm / 3.8mm min. 4: 5.0mm / 5.2mm min.


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