Drill Brush Kit Multipurpose Non-Scratch Nylon Bristles 4pc

Do you want to clean confined spaces or difficult-to-reach areas?

This fantastic drill brush kit helps you clean narrow areas such as stove grates, drip pans, crevices, car wheels and interior, around fixtures, gaps, and corners. Instead of scrubbing a narrow surface by hand, attach your muscle brush with an extended reach extension.

Effortlessly cleans built-up soap scum, grout lines, hard water stains, filthy car trims and alloy wheels, and much more.

The perfect cleaning kit to save time and take the effort out of scrubbing. Make your power cleaning experience an effortless and time efficient.

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This handy kit comes with Non-scratch nylon bristles. The super-durable, moderate stiffness bristles are made to be long lasting and will not scratch ceramic surfaces, baths, showers, etc. Brush attachments are compatible with all cordless and impact drill machines.

Caution: Please adjust the drill to low speed before cleaning to avoid splashing. please take care not to wet the drill as most drills are not waterproof. Always wear suitable eye/face protection when using. This is not a toy. Keep out of the reach of children.

Item Specifications

Fits most cordless drills. Ideal for cars, tiles, sinks, showers and more! Easy to install, replace and remove.


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