Premium Black Nine Fin Modern Oil Filled Electric Radiator

This oil-filled radiator mini heater is manufactured with 3 heat setting, adjustable thermostat and simple controls which makes them durable and gives you long-lasting service. A practical, inexpensive and attractive way to heat your home, this oil heater can be used for many years without replacement.

The white electric oil filled radiator heater is free-standing with smooth castors and enables easy movement, so you can easily move this home decor camping heater from room to room as per your requirements.

This energy-efficient electric heater fulfils your target heater output requirement that you want from our small compact heater. You can feel confident using this electric radiator around the whole family and pets.

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This oil radiator room heater comes with 2000w of power 3 heat settings (800W, 1200W and 2000W) keeps your oil radiator watching the pennies for you and thermostat control that can capable of heating a large room quickly. This small electric heater running costs is very low, so you don't need to worry about the electric bills.

The small heater is supplied with a power cable and a 9-pin plug and carry handle, so you can easily install it in your home office or anywhere that you want. The small space heater is ideal for providing a large amount of heat over a sustained period and great for use during cold weather in both winter and summer months; the office space indoor heater is perfect for use in homes, garages, caravans and offices.

Item Specifications

Our 9-fin mini oil-filled radiator portable heaters heat output is 2000 Watts and voltage is (220V-240V~50Hz CE Approved); overheat thermostat fitted with standard UK plug and won’t take much space when you store it.

The electric oil heater also has limits overheating which means less chance for it to burn out.


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