Hot Air Balloon Wall Mounted Night Light Pink

With its adorable hot air balloon shaped design, and subtle warm white lighting, this beautiful balloon wall light brighten your baby’s bedroom or bring fun to any kids bedroom.

With white wood and delicate colour detailing to the front, our intricately designed night light can provide a loving glow throughout the later hours for your loved one’s sleeping room.

Designed to help your child drift off to a restful night’s sleep, this hot air balloon-shaped night light is a cheerful and charming addition to their room.


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This decorative lighting is designed to create a smooth ambiance in your nursery. At night, this wall light will be a reassuring presence for your baby until sleep time. Delicate, modern and comforting, it will soon become a must-have item in your little one's room. It includes a strip of durable and long lasting strip lighting around the central body of the lamp which will cast a gentle glow when in use.

Thanks to its corded switch it is very easy to turn it on-off-on the wall. You can use it on every wall without the need to find a socket. Not too bright, just the right amount of light to guide your kids at night. Thanks to its hook to the top of the light on the rear, you can adjust your decorative wall light in the right position than hang on the wall.

Crafted with care from white wood, this light is lightweight enough to hang on to any wall with ease, yet durable to stand the test of time as well as up to repeated use. With a picture hook to rear it can be hung anywhere of your choosing, the pull cord safely out of reach of little ones and no plug required, you can feel safe in the knowledge this light is safe and secure for little hands!

Item Specifications

Blue Hot Air Balloon Light.

This light is operated by two AAA batteries, not included.

This hot air balloon light measures in at 29.5 x 24 x 3cm approx.

Pull cord to base. Hanging hook to rear


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