Dome Adjustable Bird Seed Feeder

This simplistic and stylish bird seed feeder has a dome made of strong clear poly-carbonate that won’t discolour. Adjustable dome height will keep larger birds out if desired.

The dome can be lowered down to the feeder tray to close the unit when not in use and can be fixed anywhere on the pole to leave a maximum gap of 20cm. Moulded in strong clear poly-carbonate with a metal support pole.

It is perfect to fill with meal worms or seeds, and the dome will keep the food dry. Ideal to attract small birds.

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- Keeps feed dry when it rains

- Fully adjustable so you can choose which size of bird you want to feed

- Hang anywhere in your garden or on a feeder pole

- Totally weather resistant

Item Specifications


Dome diameter 30 x 10cm.

Base diameter 20 x 4cm deep.

Pole 27cm


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