Hanging Dome Bird Feeder

Enjoy wild birds visiting your garden like never before, with this ingenious bird feeder. Watch as they swoop in your garden to feed in safety under this dome bird feeder. The dome is adjustable in height so you can decide what size of birds can enter.
Hanging Hook
These fantastic dome bird feeders come with built in hanging hook making it easy to mount in trees on stands or simply have it free standing.
Easy Clean
Make your garden a feeding frenzy as birds flock with this acrylic bird feeder that makes washing and filling a breeze. Setup is easy too.
These great clear view bird feeders are made from tough and durable acrylic material which is fully weatherproof making this little bird feeder last for years to come.
Dome diameter 30 x 10cm.
Base diameter 20 x 4cm deep.
Pole 27cm

£11.99 £17.39

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